It’s the bike gang’s final ride into the sunset. Bye @mattworona & @brittany4shanti!


Congratulations to today’s @flyatlcadets graduates. #tbt to my first solo


Congratulations to the @flyatlcadets graduating today. #tbt to my first solo a few years ago.


#tbt to my first summer in #Ottawa. The Canada Day party was wild.


We put up paradise and tore down a parking lot. (at Dalhousie Community Garden)


The secrets of the world's happiest cities


Charles Montgomery:

In the third year of his term, Peñalosa challenged Bogotáns to participate in an experiment. As of dawn on 24 February 2000, cars were banned from streets for the day. It was the first day in four years that nobody was killed in traffic. Hospital admissions fell by almost a third. The toxic haze over the city thinned. People told pollsters that they were more optimistic about city life than they had been in years.

Old-ish, but a really interesting look into the tweaks that can alter a city’s happiness. 

Source: parislemon

We missed the opportunity to lay out 80 candles.


#BeBowled (at Pins Bowling Center)



Land use choices from Walkable Dallas.

The land use on the left moves about 250,000 people per day, all of them in cars. Land that is not paved for cars is utterly wasted: nobody would enjoy picnicking or living there, even if you were allowed.

The land use on the right moves 584,000 people day, about 500,000 of them on foot. (That’s more than double.) It takes up half the space, and the land around it is some of the most valuable in the world.

Do the regulations, guidelines and laws in your city encourage the development pattern on the left, or the development pattern on the right?

Everything said here applies to Halifax, though scaled down.

Source: stroadtoboulevard

Neither rain nor snow nor sleet nor hail. #30daysofbiking